4-Person Relay

Until 31 Dec. 2023CI$140/US$175CI$96/US$120
1 Jan. to 31 Aug.CI$156/US$195CI$124/US$155
1 Sept. to 31 Oct.CI$172/US$215CI$140/US$175
1 Nov. to 24 Nov.CI$188/US$235CI$156/US$195
25 Nov. to 30 Nov.CI$204/US$255CI$172/US$215

4-Person Relay Course Record:

  • Fit Foodie Team Two (all male), 2:30:38.0 (2018)
  • Omari Daughtridge, Fort Washington, MO, USA
  • Lucas Manring, Austin, TX, USA
  • Eduardo Perez, Denver, CO, USA
  • Charlie Gamble, San Diego, CA, USA

The four-person relay is a perfect way to participate in the marathon if you’re not willing or able to do the longer runs. Each person takes on approximately 6.5 miles.

Registering Your Team

To register a team, one person must first register under the category ‘4-Person Relay Team Captain’ where he/she will create the team name and pay for the team registration. Then individual team members can log on and register themselves for free under the category ‘4-Person Relay Team Member’. The same applies for the CUC Teen Challenge captain and members.

Relay Team Categories

Awards will be presented to the top 3 teams in five relay team categories:

  • Open Male – all team members are male
  • Open Female – all team members are female
  • Open Mixed – any combination of males and females
  • Corporate – any combination of males and females from ONE company/business (must ALL be employed/affiliated with same company)
  • CUC Teen Challenge – open to students ages 12-19. Team members (if students) do not have to attend the same school. In addition, the route, rules and requirements for the CUC Teen Challenge are the same as the 4-person relay.

Make sure you select the correct category for your team. If you have to change your category because the makeup of your team has changed, please email info@caymanislandsmarathon.com to make the request.

Complimentary Shuttle Service To/From The Start Line And Relay Exchange Point/Turnaround

There is complimentary and continuous shuttle service to and from the start line and turnaround on race day starting at 3:30am. These buses will take persons running legs 2 and 4 to the turnaround at Prospect Point and bring back legs 1 and 3 to the finish line from the turnaround. The shuttles will leave from the Bayshore Mall parking lot.

The team member running the first leg of the relay will need to be at the start/finish line by 4:45 am at the latest. Once you establish your team members’ approximate running times, plan to arrive 30 minutes before your estimated exchange. If you need a shuttle from Start/Finish to the turnaround, please arrive 45 minutes before you need to be at the exchange.

All team members can also arrive together at the start/finish line and then use the relay shuttles to get to the turnaround.

Team Relay Route

Legs #1 and #3 – Start at Hard Rock Cafe, run through South Church Street into South Sound and then onto Shamrock Road (in front of Hurley's Supermarket) through Old Prospect Road to Prospect Point which is designated the Turnaround Point.

Legs #2 and #4 – Start at Turnaround at Prospect Point, run onto Shamrock Road through South Sound, turning onto Walkers Road, continuing to Hinds Way where you will turn right and continue onto Academy Way (John Gray High School, Family Life Centre, Church of God Chapel Walkers Road are on that road) back to Walkers Road. Continue on Walkers Road until the 4-way stop at Hospital Road. Turn left onto Hospital Road and then onto Elgin Avenue in front of the George Town Police Station, and run through George Town toward the Town Clock, turning left and continuing to the stop light on Seafarers Way. Turn left and return to the Start/Finish line at Hard Rock Cafe.

Timing, Pace And Results

The course is open for six and a half (6.5) hours. Teams who are unable to complete the race within this time are not guaranteed an official race result and may be picked up along the course and brought back to the Start/Finish Line. This means that the relay CANNOT BE WALKED ENTIRELY.

Each relay team will receive ONE timing chip belt and it is to be shared by each runner on the team. The belt must be worn in order to register the time and must be passed off to the next runner at each hand off point in order to get your team's correct time.

Bibs should be worn on the front of your shirt and must be visible at all times during the race. Each member has his/her own bib but the team shares one number.

The last person in the relay team will receive FOUR medals for the team and can then distribute them to the other members of the team.

The online results will show Split 1, Split 2 etc. If you would like each runner’s name assigned to a split, please provide your team’s running order to the timing representative at the Chip Check desk at Packet Pick-up.


There is NO allocation for parking at the turnaround. Access to Old Prospect Point Road and Garden of Reflections will be limited to residents and marathon workers only. If you must drive to the turnaround, please park on Shamrock Road in the vicinity of Ocean Club and walk up to the turnaround. DO NOT drive on Old Prospect Point Road.

Looking For A Teammate Or Teammates?

Are you interested in running the team relay but you can't find any teammates? We may be able to help. Just pop us an email at info@CaymanIslandsMarathon.com and someone will contact you. We cannot guarantee we'll find you a team but we will do our very best!

Until 31 Dec. 2023CI$140/US$175CI$96/US$120
1 Jan. to 31 Aug.CI$156/US$195CI$124/US$155
1 Sept. to 31 Oct.CI$172/US$215CI$140/US$175
1 Nov. to 24 Nov.CI$188/US$235CI$156/US$195
25 Nov. to 30 Nov.CI$204/US$255CI$172/US$215
FAQ about the 4-Person Relay:
Can a person run more than one leg on the relay team?

No. The team must consist of four people. One person cannot run two or more legs. However, a registered half or full marathoner can run the first leg of the relay if he/she wants to.

Got more questions? Visit our FAQ page!

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