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Marathon runners say ‘thanks’
10 December, 2013

Source: Kendra Wentzell & Mark Peirson

My husband and I recently ran the Cayman Intertrust Marathon. We had such an enjoyable time. The marathon was a fun, well-organized, awesome event. We would like to pass on our thanks to these people:

Thank you to the marathon organizers for keeping us posted and answering all our questions, and for being so well-organized.

Thank you to the volunteers, who really made the race. Your water stops were the best we have encountered in any race. Your spirit, enthusiasm and endurance got us through.

Thank you to the volunteer dude on the bicycle with the crate, who had orange slices, Biofreeze and water. I know you were checking on me. Thank you to all the bicycle volunteers!

Thank you to the police.

Thank you to the very patient Caymanian drivers, who were careful of me running and sometimes wobbling, on the wrong side of the road.

Thank you to the many residents who came out and cheered us on.

Thank you to the man in his yard with his little dog, who kindly offered to spray me with his hose.

We loved our time there, everyone was so friendly, we will be recommending this running event (and Cayman in general) to everyone.

Warmest regards from Canada,

Kendra Wentzell and Mark Peirson