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The Cayman Islands is in PHASE 3 of a 5-phase Reopening Plan. On Saturday, 20 November, the country will move to Phase 4 which will see our border reopen to VACCINATED TOURISTS and the QUARANTINE REQUIREMENT LIFTED for most travellers.  This was announced on Friday, 22 October. 


Please read the below carefully. If you have already registered for the 2021 Walkers Cayman Islands Marathon but decide that you won't be able to or do not want to travel for the event based on the information provided, please email info@caymanislandsmarathon.com for further steps.


If you plan to travel to the Cayman Islands to participate in the Walkers Cayman Islands Marathon...


  • You are required to make a declaration of travel and vaccination status and your vaccination documentation will be checked upon arrival. Click here to apply to travel to Cayman and also make your declaration.
  • You must be a securely verified vaccinated traveller aged 12 and over. At this time unvaccinated tourists under the age of 12 are unable to travel to the Cayman Islands. This may change before Phase 4 begins on 20 November.
  • Pre-arrival PCR testing is required for all
  • There is no arrival PCR testing
  • Masks must be worn and social distancing used in public places (supermarkets, bars, restaurants, schools, healthcare facilities, churches, pharmacies, etc).

  • The number of people allowed to gather indoors is 100 and 250 for outdoor gatherings.


Vaccinated Travellers

Vaccinated persons travelling to the Cayman Islands must have a secure verifiable vaccination record. "Secure verification” means that your vaccination record has security features like a hologram or unique QR code which allows your vaccination information to be confirmed. 


When the QR code is scanned, it reveals your name, DOB and vaccination information. This is the most secure way to prove you are fully vaccinated. Paper copy vaccination records without a unique QR code cannot be scanned to confirm your vaccination status and are not accepted as securely verifiable. This includes CDC vaccination cards.


Travellers who are fully vaccinated but do not have a securely verifiable vaccination record will be required to undergo a 10-day quarantine period.


Please click here for more information about secure verifiable vaccination records and to check if you meet the Cayman Islands' vaccination requirements. 


Approved Vaccines

The following vaccines have been approved by the Chief Medical Officer:

  • Janssen COVID-19 vaccine (Johnson & Johnson) (single dose)
  • Moderna COVID-19 vaccine (two dose)
  • Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine (two dose)
  • European Version
  • SK Bio Version
  • Serum Institute of India version ‘Covishield’
  • Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine (two dose)
  • Sinopharm (two doses)

  • Sinovac (two doses)


Summary of Phase 4

See an infographic below about Phase 4. For more detailed information about all the phases, click here to visit the official Cayman Islands Government website


Download a PDF of the graphic.